Character Creation

Character creation info, in case of additional players/replacement PCs. These are general baselines and will probably end up being flexible once we get into things; above all talking to me/asking for input will probably get more leeway.

  • Characters start the campaign at 1st level
  • Replacement characters will probably join up at 1-2 levels below party average
  • Max hit points at start (hit die + Con mod); following levels roll hit points (minimum roll: take half your hit die).
  • Starting wealth equal to class average/average by level
  • Classes: core classes, base classes, prestige classes (eventually), variants and archetypes from Core Rules and Advanced Players Guide
  • Races: stick to the Core rules races; that said I allow other races on a case-by-case basis (usually if your class is lower on the power scale)
  • All feats and alternate class features from the Core and APG are allowed (within reason); anything in the Inner Sea World Guide or any of the Pathfinder Player’s Companion are okay as well
  • Starting spells from the Core and APG only; I consider those the Core spells the commonly known spells of the world, and pretty much everything else to be more specialized or regional or what have you. I do like to add in scrolls as loot for caster PCs which will be drawn from all over my 3.5 library (yay for wizards)
  • Talk to me first to get approval if you want to use the Ultimates, 3.5 supplements, third-party material, etc. I’m adverse to very few and specific things, but I would like to know about it beforehand to give an okay, particularly with the 3.5 and third party stuff. As long as it fits the setting/group, it is potentially an option
  • Three Traits (limit one per category), plus one Campaign trait from the Serpent’s Skull Players Guide
  • This campaign will/might/could possibly use the Slow advancement track, unless that proves truly untenable during the first module, at which point it will revert to Medium
  • We will be tracking age categories, encumbrance, and weapon ammunition. I won’t be too stingy but make sure to factor these at char creation, and keep an eye on how much stuff you are carrying
  • Hero Points: Each character starts with 2 instead of 1; they have some good benefits, which I’ll also copy/paste here for quick reference
  • Critical Hit and Fumble Decks: I have these, they’re fun to use, and we’ll be using them for the campaign. If you confirm a crit, you have the option to draw from the crit hit deck instead of just doing double damage (+1 card for each point the multiplier is above x2, choose one card’s effect). If you roll a natural 1 in combat, you draw from the crit fumble deck

Beyond the above, we’ll generally be doing everything else standard as written, though I’m willing to run variant systems if the party is interested. (Majority rules, though there are some things that aren’t an option… gestalt for one.) Generally I like to cater to players, and love using my 3.5 library, but there are some horribly overpowered things that will be avoided like the plague.

Examples of official 3.5 things I’d considered overpowered or badly balanced would include: greenbound summoning, deft strike, dragon shaman, factotum, and the orb spells from Miniatures Handbook. There’s others I’d allow, like vow of poverty, if I really knew the player well and did hardcore enforcing of the rules.

Please have a brief (~1 page) description of the character (appearance, personality, backstory, etc.). Just post it in your character’s profile here. If all you can come up with is a paragraph or two, that’s fine, you can add more when it comes to you. That said, I ultimately give free reign to create the character you want to play if you support your character with solid roleplaying. This isn’t MY game, this is OUR game; as such feel free to talk to me about anything at any point. That said the GM is still the guy guiding the campaign along, and while I want everyone to have fun I don’t give out free rides.

Character Creation

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