Saga of the Serpent's Skull

The Fourth Session

Days Twelve-Twenty Nine

After clearing out another shipwreck, the group decided to follow the trail by the goat patch inland. After quite a bit of travel and dodging/avoiding/disabling some snare traps, the druid was successfully caught in one. The ensuing ambush of cannibals was quickly dealt with, Bellow made gratuitous use of his Embarrass Monk ability and Akker was rescued, nothing of value was lost.

At this point, the group decided to ask Ishirou and Gelik how they can help them, since they were helping everyone else anyways. Ishirou gave the group a map that led to a treasure pit and Gelik expressed interest in a shipwreck, because the group certainly hadn’t had their fill of them yet.

In the travel over to the treasure pit, the group stumbled upon an old abandoned hut with a rotted journal inside. The rotted journal gave clues as to who was the prior leaser of the hut before his timeshare ran out and Pezock had him evicted: The captain of the to-be cannibals. With the new information in hand, the group boldly strode forth in the opposite direction of the cannibals. They soon ran across another abandoned camp. Abandoned camp is abandoned.

Eventually, they reached the treasure pit and spent the entire day opening the top of the pit. The Oread reaffirms gravity. Inside, they find a treasure chest filled with much money and a star knife, which Ishirou claimed, quite pleased. Heading back inland, the group combs the shore for more shipwrecks with much enthusiasm, which payed off this time. The group found the shipwreck Jask was looking for, and the documents inside which prove his innocence. Much rejoicing was had.

Heading to the southeastern part of island, the group passes over a rickety rope bridge which was far more sturdy than was let on. On the other side, the group finds to be what looked to be a stone ritual juicer, presumably a blood juicer. Shortly beyond that, they fight the dreaded Chupacabra, which may or may not have ruined a few party members day, before it ran off (giggling) into the (night/day/circle one).


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