Saga of the Serpent's Skull

Taizon the Terrible

Compressed because I'm seriously lazy

The adventuring party arrives at Taizon. Things happen.

1.) They are attacked by monkies, and are underwhelmed.
2.) They attack monkies, and mess up some freaky octopus hiding in a well of indeterminate size.
3.) They find a tower filled with snakes that only goes down, not up.
4.) The tunnel tower leads to the aqueducts, and a water elemental janitor. Shrug, leave.
5.) They attack monkies in a giant trapped temple, some of which fall into asphalt, some of which are guarding the Shedding Pit and some oppressed natives, some of which are end-bosses, all of which are small and easily sucked into aqueous orbs.

Days on the trail: 54

After resting and recuperating, things continue to happen.

6.) They make their way into an ancient Azlanti ziggurat, where they kill serpentfolk and explore.
7.) There are many, many rooms in here. Most of which are pointlessly empty, others having minute amounts of loot.
8.) There are some idols here, each suffering without their stones. One of them zaps the Oread into next week.
9.) A serpentfolk mage is killed. More stones are acquired.
10.) Oh, there’s also a death-pit with rolling block walls pushing people into said pit, which then fills with poison gas.
11.) The party is teleported into a small shrine room which reveals the location of Saventh-Yhi. They leave via another teleport.

Days on the trail: 55.6

After this hearty dose of adventuring, they return to their faction camp and report their findings to Kassata. While resting up and forging magic items, Akker has a vision granted by his Shoanti totem spirits: headless snakes burrowing from a dead tree standing atop a mound. The tree collapses into the Oread’s tent in Akker’s attempt to destroy them, which turn to roots in the thews of his mighty bear-paws. Surviving root-serpents slither off to meet another batch of headless snakes, dessicated and moldy. The sign is clear; he tells everyone to be on the lookout for snakes, and meets derision, scorn, and Lash.

Meanwhile, Aerys asks them to look into some missing pirate foragers. They do so, and are ambushed by a batch of serpentfolk warriors, who are hastily dispatched. Also, a fiendish Tyrannosaur, used as a simple mount by the serpent leader. A furious battle ensues wherein everyone involved learns something new about the fiendish template. Akker stands on it after dying in another life, Kahlua punches it ineffectually, the T-Rex flails around like an Oread being trod upon, and everyone else runs forth to attack the beast’s rider, who is preoccupied laughing hideously from the humor of Tasha.

A lucky blow from the Oread places the monster in a coma; Pezock discovers whether dinosaurs blend, and the partially digested corpses of three pirates are found within its stinking gullet. All in all, a good day; Kahlua’s earlier misfortune is (possibly) made up for, but it is unclear whether she wishes to become the Oread in the dead men’s tent. (Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!)

From here… Saventh-Yhi!

Days on the trail: 67.3


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