Saga of the Serpent's Skull

Session Seven

Because nobody cares about session six

The party managed to slay a gibbering mouther and escape the hidden temple of the Cult of Zura. Returning to the lighthouse, the signal for help was lit, the NPCs having fixed the lighthouse. After catching the attention of the schooner Red Gull, and working out a deal with captain Aulek Tegerten, noted scimitar enthusiast, the survivors of the Jenivere set sail for Sargava once more.

Finally arriving at the port city of Eleder, the party went their separate ways. Korgoth continued on his quest to bring the Gorumskagat to Sargava and convert its inhabitants. Aldis and Hauk went off to acquire spells and supplies for the party. The NPCs wandered off to tend to their duties: Jask cleared his name, Aerys published her epic poem, and Gelik took credit for everything the PCs had performed on Smuggler’s Shiv, retelling the epic Pathfinder Chronicle of his bear-riding adventures without bothering to mention either Jask or Vanua (yet spending an entire chapter on Pezock, and concocting a sordid affair between Sasha and Korgoth).

After hiring a translator and spending the better half of a week translating Yarzoth’s notes from Aklo into common, the group caught up on the discoveries. The notes revealed the history of the Cult of Zura and its flight to Smuggler’s Shiv from Saventh-Yhi. While the notes did not provide the direct location of the lost city of Saventh-Yhi, they did reveal the location of the ruins of Taizon, a trade waystation which linked Saventh-Yhi and the Azlanti Empire.

With the loss of Korgoth, the group decided to pick up another member to bolster their ranks: the mercenary oracle Joe, hailing from the Land of the Linnorm Kings. With Joe and Pezock in tow, the group bartered for some items deemed most necessary—-a druid’s vestment, temple swords, and a wand of metamagic extend—-as Hauk and Aldis had yet to return from their lengthy tour of shopping and resupplying.

Word of their discovery on the Shiv had spread far and wide, between the gaggle of loose-lipped characters and the rampant speculation in Gelik’s Chronicle. By the time the notes themselves had been translated, a number of factions vied for the party’s favor, hoping they would lead the way to Saventh-Yhi. The group almost instantly turned down Ishirou and the Aspis Consortium, along with Sasha and the Red Mantis. On the fence about being tied to the annoying Pathfinder Gelik Aberwhinge, and uninterested in shouldering the burden alone, they debated between Jask and the Sargavan Government and Aerys and the Free Captains of the Shackles Pirates. Ultimately they chose the Free Captains because they offered the most money.

Spending a week to outfit themselves with the funds provided by the pirates, the group was beset upon by wild dogs unleashed by a Sargavan native liberation movement, the Freemen’s Brotherhood. These insurgents set fire to the warehouse used by the Free Captains to store the expedition’s supplies and pack animals. Having dispatched the rabid dogs and some of the insurgents, the party moved on to combat the body of the Brotherhood, who had occupied the South Arcadian Whaling Company compound and take a hostage: Sasha. In the ensuing carnage, Sasha would be mortally wounded, the insurgents put to the sword, and part of the compound destroyed by fire. The leader of the rebels had on his person documents stamped with the seal of the Red Mantis


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