Saga of the Serpent's Skull

Session Five Alive

Days Thirty through Thirty-Two

The party continues to explore the Shiv’s peninsula, leaving the chupacabra nest and juicer behind as they climb a winding trail up the low mountain. At the top they discover strange crimson rocks and materials for ritual sacrifice; they also see a number of shipwrecks and the abandoned stone lighthouse, with a group of small huts at its base. Setting out for the shipwrecks, the group fights a few cave fishers and descends the perilous cliffs; the oread once again reaffirms the awesome power of gravity. The party swims out to the ships, and over the course of several days, cleans out the infesting undead and sea scorpions, finds the missing Pathfinder ship Gelik was looking for, and learn the art of stand-up comedy from Gelik.

Days Thirty-Three and Thirty-four

Having explored the peninsula, and leaving some of the “endangered” cave fishers behind to repopulate, the party advances on the stone lighthouse. After a day’s journey the arrive and prepare their assault. Akker’s attempts at reconnaissance alerts a small band of cannibals, who charge off into the jungle after him. Having diverted attention away from the group, the party advances into the camp, cutting down cannibals left and right and freeing a captive, with the aid of the NPCs.

In the middle of the battle, the tide turns when the cannibals inside the huts emerge and attack, bringing forth a giant rock lobster they kept penned up in a sewage pit. The cannibal leader, along with a nefarious witch, begin to make trouble for the party. Many are wounded; Sasha is grappled by the lobster and driven off; Jask (and Gelik) manage to keep the party alive to survive the onslaught. In the end, the cannibals are annihilated, and the party begins to inspect the cannibal village for loot and clues before heading for the lighthouse…


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