From The Typhonian Proposals: “In victory, great-loss. In retreat, proposed, perhaps… less-loss. Query: Better to burnsphere sunworld with plague/storm, or to sleep-and-in-sleep-replenish while poor masters of slaves these slaves foresee making, and falter? The stars [shall turn] right again."

Yig snake daddyYig, Father of Serpents, is the forgotten god of the lost race of Serpentfolk. Yig was said to be an evil deity of snakes and scalykind, boasting the worship of the Serpentfolk along with many lizardfolk, troglodytes, and other reptilian races since extinct.

The legends of the Serpentfolk paint them as foul marauders, utilizing abominable magics and powerful alchemical devices, including genetic mutations, grown bodies, and biological devices; most of these are attributed to knowledge provided by Yig himself to the brightest and most curious of the Scalykind mage-scientists. Several fables depict Yig sending forth ideas, orders, or visions in the form of a dream, or otherwise existing simultaneously on the plane of dream and the material plane. As these are common tropes of many Mwangi tribes, these could be part of the regional fascination with dreaming, or the inspiration for many of the later Mwangi fables.

Yig’s portfolio and domains appear only in sketchy reports; at the least they include Scalykind, Immortality, Dream, and Poison. Judging by the tales of the Serpentfolk, Yig is a dark god of lascivious lusts, a cruel temperament, and the unbridled curiosity to experiment and inflict new and interesting pain. Yig is shown as everything from a god of subtlety and charm, using his mental prowess and silver-lined tongue to manipulate his way, or a brutal lord of blood and thunder, a typhoon of woe cutting a swath of destruction to follow his grand vision.

Historians hold that the Serpentfolk once held a vast empire across Avistan, Garund and parts of Tian Xia, including most of the Inner Sea Region. The Serpentfolk empire fell several thousand years ago during the Age of Darkness, their decline beginning when their god Yig was beheaded by an Azlanti hero whose name has since been lost to the mists of time. If legends are to be believed, Yig lives on inside his headless skull whilst his body yet thrashes in the deep below, his power much diminished but not fully exterminated, waiting in hibernation for a chance to rise again.

According to Zenj folk tradition in the Mwangi Expanse, their folk hero Old-Mage Jatembe learned many secrets from Yig before sewing shut the lips of the mummified severed head.


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