Kassata Lewynn

Fiery Free Captain Faction Leader


KassataKassata Lewynn (CN female human fighter 5/rogue 4), is the captain of the Last Hurrah and an ambitious Free Captain of the Shackles Pirates. Currently she is the captain of but a single ship, though Kassata plans on filling her hold with the treasures of Saventh-Yhi, sailing back to Port Peril in triumph so she can purchase her own island, outfit a squadron of her own corsairs, and claim a seat on the Shackles’ pirate council.

One of her trusted lieutenants includes Aerys Movato, the PCs’ contact and go-between. Her rivals are the Red Mantis, the assassins’ guild having assassinated Kassata’s father, leaving her with her single ship and a burning hatred of the assassin’s guild.


Kassata Lewynn

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