Saga of the Serpent's Skull

The Third Session

Day Seven

After waking up on the beach, Akker gets the brilliant idea to scout around for Jask’s shipwreck using his eagle-eye vision. He doesn’t see a ship; he does, however, see a GIANT CRAB. After much debate, the party decides to head off, kill it, and eat it. Upon arriving, it begins to gyrate wildly and emit a horrible moaning sound. Korgoth charges and attempts to eat it. The rest of the group walk into its faceless head and encounter a deranged tengu, armed with a sawtooth saber and an intricate series of pulleys and levers.

This tengu, named Pezock, relates his tale, of shipwreck, and cannibals, and woe, and crab house realty; failing to convince him to come with them, the characters tell him that they will create a signal fire when it’s time for him to leave the island and be rescued. Korgoth falls unconcious. Jask performs medicine; Korgoth wakes up. The party rests for an indeterminate period of time. Vanua has a strange dream.

Days Eight-Nine

The group sets off to head after a strange mushroom isle Akker saw with his eagle-eye vision; it takes a long and perilous route, plus some waiting for the tides to recede, before they arrive. They soon stumble upon a trio of mated Vegepygmies, which are dispatched. The group heads towards a large stone pillar, which contains a violet fungus with a skeleton embedded in it. Attacking it draws the wrath of the remaining Vegepygmies. A fight breaks out, resulting in many dead Vegepygmies.

The characters wander the island, finding incidental loot, before arriving at the fungoid ship slash Vegepygmy lair. After looting the place, they bed down for the day as a storm is rolling in; they are attacked in the night by a lone sea urchin. Little did it know that sea urchins are Aldis’ favored prey. It is slain, after menacing Hauk. The party wakes up later, burns the boat, suffers noxious gases, and returns to the main island, only to find that Korgoth has wandered off, and Pezock has arrived upon seeing the rescue signal. Aldis has a strange dream.

Days Ten-Eleven

The characters continue along a craggy cliff overlooking the ocean, finding a strangely calm part of the bay. They investigate; Akker attempts to calm some nearby jungle goats, and instead incites them. The Oread and Lash climb down and go pearl diving (unsuccessfully). The party wishes to fight something; Pezock leads them to his ship Crow’s Tooth, which is full of monsters and no loot; Pezock points out that people wished to fight, not loot. The group sees a bunch more shipwrecks, and investigate. They contain more pitiful undead, and some Squid Goblins. The question of how many hit points an Oread has is answered. One brutal fight later, the ships have been pacified.

The group debates about following a trail leading into the jungle; deciding to rest a bit first, Akker reconnoiters the area, with everybody else in tow. He finds some lizards in a tree. The group moves in to attack. The shocker lizards, upon having their home invaded, fry everyone and nearly kill a bunch of people. They are brought down in the end. After this, the party decides (wisely) to rest for a bit and meditate upon what they’ve learned (probably nothing).


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