Saga of the Serpent's Skull

Second Session

Day the Fourth (Continued)

Everybody sets out on the quest for the rare herbs that will cure Alcoholism (“drunk plants”), somewhere off over the nearby cliff. Barring some spiders, and annoying, itchy vines, this is uneventful. The group turns back towards the coast and makes camp at the cliff’s end before setting out again.

Day the Fifth

The characters continue advancing along the shore. GIANT CRABS! Jask needs to find a shipwreck, of which there are many. Korgoth has mindfire; Vanua is recovering from dysentery. (Nobody notices anything out of the ordinary.) They find an abandoned camp which has several Yellow Musk Creeper Zombies nearby. These are quickly and heartily dispatched. While resting, another large group of musk creeper zombies attack. They are also made re-dead. Day falls, dusk follows, a new night.

Day the Sixth

Having had enough of with the Yellow Musk Zombies, the party sets out to find and slay the Yellow Musk Creeper. They find it; Korgoth realizes it is a cookie, upon which he kills and eats it. The other characters scratch their heads and return to the beach. Another largely uneventful night and the characters tuck in for the day.

Wow, I hadn’t realized just how little was accomplished this session.


admiralironbombs admiralironbombs

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